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Regina Gildein : If you have a child who falling grades year after year, when you know that he can get good grade? It is enough to drive you crazy particularly because you know how important it is for him to do well do he can get into college someday. These all are happening by lack of motivation and irresponsibility. Motivated children are more likely to do well in school and them more likely to have a positive attitude towards learning. Forcing your child to sit at the table and read chapters from a workbook may frustrate him. Instead, tune in to the ways he learns, consult with his teachers to get their advice, and tailor a plan that highlights his skills. Your child might fulfill to get you off his back or even to please you, but that does not help him get self-motivated. You certainly want to inspire and influence your child.
Talk to your child’s perspective on their interests and abilities. Adjust your expectations with the subject that most interest them. Help your child to set right goal. That can help motivate your child to put in the extra effort to do well in school. Encourage them to make hard work. Hard work is more valuable than specific results. They have to set their study time. Make their studding fun. You have to influence your child when he has to do something. Get to know him well enough to figure out what his own desires might be. You want to help your child define for himself who he is. Your responsibility is to help your kids do that, not to do it for them. You need to stay out of their way enough so they can figure out who they are. And what they think and where their own interest lies.
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